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How about Polyester Fabric
« on: August 08, 2016, 02:52:59 am »
How about  Polyester Fabric Fashion fabrics on creative design

2016 spring and summer, Reversi cells spontaneously come out.

Black and white plaid creating a dynamic fashion sense, between vertical, horizontal, horizontal perspective to bring a strong visual impact, seemingly monotonous grid strip is wrapped on a model subtly, the women's soft sexy show no doubt, make people love them more vertigo.

Not only reflected in the strong bold color, spring-summer 2016 in combination with the emergence of more collocation: different colors to the collision of the way together to create a perfect whole.

For example, in combination with orange pink, apple green together; watermelon red and purple, emerald green, chrome yellow and purple, etc. are freely mixed without association. Hot pink and bright red is more daring combination of vivid color or striped together.

Yellow continue to serve as a key color in spring and summer 2016.

Yellow colors with less glare presented a series of soft fresh and pleasant sunshine yellow, and white combination is showing a perfect early spring style.

The sun is yellow as sunlight like bright, optimistic, bright as a separate, both showing a beautiful tone gradation, but also an alternative to combine with the blue-green, watermelon pink or purple.

Blue 2016 spring and summer continues Printing Fabric to demonstrate its strong momentum.