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mIRC Registration
« on: January 16, 2015, 01:33:14 pm »
So I tried googling this issue and I didn't quite find the answer I was looking for so let's see if you ladies can give me a hand here.

So after 10 years of using mIRC I finally decided to support my Lord and Savior buy purchasing a mIRC registration. I felt quite good about myself after doing so.

However while I am content with now a fully registered mIRC it doesn't save my registration. Each time I load up mIRC I am still met with a "Your trial has expired, please register your mIRC" and I have to re-register my mIRC each bloody time.

Has this happened to anyone or does anyone know of where the root of this problem is?

Either this problem doesn't happen all too often as I can not find the answer on google or I'm unique.

In a bad way.