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With Microsoft Outlook Support Number (1-888-964-8356), some of the services you can accrue include the recovery and reset of account password. It is very likely for people to lose your outlook account passwords and fail to recover it on your own. In that case, with outlook customer service number, you have an opportunity to call and share your problems with one of the call centre agent. With the availability of outlook customer service number, you can be instructed on how to reset you email account password to a point where you will feel like you are able to reset the password on your own.

Secondly, it is also through outlook customer service number that you can be directed on how to create a new outlook account and synchronise the old and the new account. This is where a representative will call take you through various steps on how to set up your outlook account.

The other service you can accrue from calling Microsoft outlook customer service number (1-888-964-8356) is that you can be instructed on how to delete your outlook account. Why should you delete an account? You can delete an account if you feel like you have completed the purpose in which it was meant for. If you find that you have issues when deleting your account, you can always feel free to call outlook customer service number.

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