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My name is Seed and in a way this is kind of an introductory post while at the same time providing an opportunity for the community (as new as it is) to come together to help those in need! Those being myself! And myself being a staff member of Digibase (an IRCop) and a loyal member!

Now, to what could I - someone so blatantly awesome - need help with?

I wish to build a gaming rig and have never really been a hardware type of kind. I've always been more of a software, like margarine vs butter, so I'm not exactly familiar with what is technically "good" to invest in. I'm going to put down my price range for products and if you or anyone you know has any form of knowledge on reasonably priced and good quality parts then be my guest! Post it up!

My price range will be about $1,000.

Normally I wouldn't say that's a whole lot but since I'm purchasing the parts to put together a pretty good PC can be bought with $1,000. This accounts for case, graphics card, ssd/hdd, cooling system, memory, etc.

What will it be used for? (This is to better grasp what I might need)

Literally just for higher end gaming such as Dark Souls 2 or high reso-skyrim or high-reso cs:go. Etc. Just generally higher resolution based gameplay. Nothing for 3d rendering or anything of the sort.

Any and all input is more than welcome and the idea that you would even have a moment to spare on myself is greatly appreciated!


Start here. I can't promise that the builds generated will be fantastic, so you'll have to finagle with the "overlock/don't/maybe" setting and see what you get.

The website itself is interesting and was quick to helping me create a PC build, however there is nothing that tells me whether any of those parts are good or just cheap. If someone could elaborate on what this build produced for me and inform me if it is good that would be fantastic!

It does have a section devoted to explaining why the parts are chosen the way they are. Check here, too. These prices are consistent with what your generator is spitting out.

I'd totally recommend checking out this place over here.

That's what I used to build my rig before I went out and bought completely different things than what I planned!


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