Author Topic: Watcher's Eye into mu legend game  (Read 154 times)


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Watcher's Eye into mu legend game
« on: January 10, 2018, 09:58:18 pm »
Watcher's Eye

The aura-focused style of the set, this jewel was meant to become the chase item in the mu legend zen . As pointed out earlier, Path of Exile knew the Elder was going to become a lot more accessible and farmable than several of our other bosses. For this reason, it was vital to offer players a cause to maintain killing him.

This design took an even though to come together, just because of it necessary to be the sort of item that everybody would want, but fascinating enough that it nevertheless felt unique.

Additionally, it required to have a big pool of mods to roll form, so receiving the perfect one particular would take some killing. At some point, Path of Exile settled on causing the Jewel to add cheap mu legend zen advantages when being affected by every aura. Auras are incredibly broadly utilized, and you will find pretty few builds that use probably no characters. Even Thoughts over Matter builds that want unreserved mana typically reserve enough to run Clarity.BY here now...well done, come on!